What would happen to you if you had an accident and could not work for some time? Would you still be able to pay your bills and make ends meet? Personal Accident insurance is the solution to such a scenario.

Definition of Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death as a result of violent, accidental, external and visible events. Take note that the word “accident” IS NOT restricted to road accidents, a common erroneous belief. On the contrary, any the following everyday events is an accident in insurance:

  • Falling and hurting yourself in the bathroom.
  • Street muggings
  • Falling down the stairs
  • Swallowing a chicken or fishbone and needing medical attention
  • …the list is endless.

Benefits Offered in Typical Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Some of the benefits offered under a typical Personal Accident Insurance Policy in Kenya include:

  • Weekly benefit payments –  weekly income for the period you are not able to work as a result of an accident.
  • Accidental Medical Expenses – Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred following an accident. These include dental and optical expenses.
  • Emergency Evacuation Expenses – In the event you need emergency evacuation e.g. Air or Road ambulance.
  • Artificial Appliance Expenses – Cost to acquire artificial appliances needed as a result of an accident e.g. crutches, hearing aids and prosthetics.
  • Permanent Disability – Payment of a pre-determined percentage of the total benefit amount (sum insured) should you suffer a permanent disability occasioned by an accident. This could also be computed as a predetermined multiple of your salary depending on the specific policy terms.
  • Accidental Death – In the event of loss of life as a result of an accident, the insurance company pays the beneficiary full benefit amount (sum insured).

Personal Accident Insurance is one of the best and cheapest ways to ensure your assets are not depleted paying accident medical bills. It guarantees your ability to continue paying your bills and making ends meet even after being immobilized by an accident.

With as little as Kshs 500 a month, you can purchase a decent Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

For more information about Personal Accident Insurance request a no-obligation quote.

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