Below is a list of life assurance companies licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) to operate in Kenya.

  1. Apa Life Assurance Company
  2. Barclays Life
  3. Britam Life
  4. Cannon Assurance Company
  5. Capex Life Assurance Company
  6. CIC Life Assurance Company
  7. Corporate Insurance Company
  8. First Assurance Company
  9. Ga Life Assurance Company
  10. Geminia Insurance Company
  11. ICEA Lion Life Assurance
  12. Jubilee Insurance Company
  13. Kenindia Assurance Company
  14. Kenya Orient Life Assurance
  15. Liberty Life Assurance Company
  16. Madison Insurance Company
  17. Metropolitan Cannon Insurance
  18. Old Mutual Life Assurance
  19. Pioneer Assurance Company
  20. Prudential Life Assurance
  21. Saham Assurance
  22. Sanlam Life Insurance
  23. Takaful Insurance of Africa
  24. The Kenyan Alliance Insurance
  25. The Monarch Insurance
  26. UAP Life Assurance Company

These companies deal with many types of insurance policies running the gamut from education insurance policies to critical illness plans.

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