Insurance Guru is a Kenyan Insurance Agency. We are licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) to distribute insurance products. Our IRA license number is IRA/05/36456/2019.

Our Services

We specialise in helping individuals and businesses prepare for unforeseen events that lead to suffering, loss of assets and bankruptcy. Our massive database of insurance solutions offered by all underwriters allows our Insurance Gurus to quickly suggest a solution that best fits our client’s requirements.

Our Insurance Gurus ensure that insurance companies hold up their end of the bargain and pay claims by:

  • Explaining the policy terms in detail at the inception of the policy. This ensures there are no misunderstandings regarding policy scope.
  • Assisting our clients to complete and submit claims documentation. This ensures there are no errors or omissions that could slow down the claims payment process. 
  • Following up with the insurer, on a daily basis, until the claim is paid.

We provide free quotations from all insurance companies in Kenya. Some of the classes of insurance we can provide quotes for include:

We also maintain a blog to provide insurance consumers with knowledge on all aspects of insurance. Our vision is to make our blog the most comprehensive source of insurance information in Kenya.

For a no-obligation quote on any kind of insurance, please request a quote.

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